Loop Band Heavy Duty Resistance Band
Heavy-Duty Workout Loop Resistance Bands
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Loop Band Heavy Duty Resistance Band

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These bands can be used to add variety to standard workouts. It's an excellent method of agility, resistance training, general conditioning, stretching and rehabilitation. Helps for the development of specific muscles and tendons. 
  • Made from a 100% natural latex rubber and incredibly strong.
  • Include Sanguine branding on each band.
  • There are (6) color versions of the rubber stretch bands to choose from.
  • Measuring 41" in length, but varying in width, thickness, and overall resistance.
(41” x 4.5mm x 0.25”) Yellow ~15lbs
(41” x 4.5mm x 0.50”) Red ~30lbs
(41” x 4.5mm x 1.13”) Purple ~65lbs
(41” x 4.5mm x 1.75”) Green ~100lbs
(41” x 4.5mm x 2.50”) Blue ~140lbs
(41” x 4.5mm x 3.25”) Orange ~175lbs
  • Provide different levels of elasticity for muscles to work against.
  • Thicker the bands, the most assistance it gives for pull ups, chin ups, bar muscle ups and ring dips. Helpful in squats, deadlifts and lower body exercises. 
  • The lighter bands are perfect for powerlifting, triceps and biceps exercises.
  • This introduces the principle of light resistance where muscles can grow by overcoming moderate challenges. Once the exercise becomes to easy, move on to the next level of resistance.