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Nano Mist Diffuser 2020

Nano Mist Diffuser

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A nano diffuser is the smartest way to carry and dispense sanitizer.

You can use it on all surfaces without a problem: your mobile phone, your keys, elevator buttons, electronic devices, poles on public transportation... even your clothes or and groceries before storing them.


• Alcohol or disinfectant, you choose: You can fill the tank with alcohol or liquid sanitizer (always 100% liquid). Spray until you feel the object is covered, it doesn't have to be wet.


• Use it whenever: The nano diffuser is battery-operated. Fill it up, charge it with the included USB and use it as many times as you want.


• Suitable for technological devices: Its vaporization system sanitizes without producing droplets that can damage technological devices.


• It's always with you: The device only weighs 50 grams and fits in your pocket.

• Save on sanitizer: Nano's technology sprays liquid into nanoparticles, which allows you to sanitize more surfaces with less liquid.